Recent Press for Leading With Vision

Forbes: The Two Complex Challenges Confronting Leaders Today
By: Bonnie Hagemann

Forbes: Leading With Vision: A Blueprint For Engaging Your Workforce
By: Roger Dean Duncan

Huffington Post: Transforming Corporate Landscape with Design Led Innovation
By: Dhairya Pujara Strategy for the Team, Strategy for the Business
By: Bonnie Hagemann

Forbes: Boomers are Retiring Rapidly: Are Successors Prepared?
By: Maureen Metcalf

Boss vs. Leader: 25 Major Differences
By: Anna Dizon

Forbes: How Vision Can Offer Leaders A Way Through Turbulent Times
By: Roger Trapp

Business Today (India): The Four Cs: A constructive guide to unlocking the true potential of Gen-Y in the workforce
By: Tanuja Tewari

Vistage: How Engaged are your Employees with your Company’s Vision?
By: Simon Vetter

HR Review: Visionary Leadership is in Demand
By: Bonnie Hagemann

Training Zone: How to Harness the Power of a Compelling Vision
By: Simon Vetter

Training Journal: How to build a culture of connectedness
By: Bonnie Hagemann Courage and leadership: The leader’s blueprint for creating a compelling vision and engaging the workforce
By: Erin Terry

Training Industry: How Emotional Connections Drive Visionary Leadership
By: Brett Halbleib

DC Life Magazine: Leading With Vision: The Secret To Working With Millennials
By: Dan Fecht

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog
By: John G. Agno

CDR Assessment Group: Leading With Vision: A Must Read Book
By: Nancy Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

Engineering & Technology: Book Review
By: Nick Smith

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