Endorsements for Leading With Vision

Enlisting others in a shared vision is the skill that most distinguishes leaders from individual contributors. It’s also the most difficult to master, and as the authors make clear, it’s the competency that’s most lacking in the next generation of leaders. That’s precisely why all leaders must read this book and, most importantly, put it to use immediately. Backed by solid evidence, illustrated with compelling examples, and supported by practical applications, Leading With Vision is timely and essential reading. It will enable you to make the emotional connection that is absolutely necessary in engaging today’s workforce.

Jim Kouzes

Co-author, The Leadership Challenge and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

It’s rare that a book combines genuine insights, practical advice, and compelling examples as superbly as Leading With Vision. Highly recommended as a guide for leaders seeking to inspire their organizations with a genuine, authentic vision.

David B. Peterson, PhD

Director of Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google, Author of Leader as Coach and Development FIRST

Most of us clearly relate to the VUCA world we have experienced since 2008.  This book, with its research examples and advice, is a great opportunity to reflect on what we all know needs to be done to keep our most valuable assets engaged and productive.

Ed Reilly

President & CEO, American Management Association

The feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read Leading With Vision told me there was something here very much worth exploring….deeply. From the conceptual to recent real life business examples to actionable questions and exercises, Leading With Vision takes one on an authentic approach to focusing on the real driver of success—the factor behind the numbers—the corporation’s people! Research and theory are matched with compelling business examples and actionable processes that will allow today’s leader to focus on creating the connectedness that today and the future’s workforce so crave.  The business applications are real and the reading a joy as Hagemann et al seek to drag modern day leaders out of the fog in order to help create a workplace where today’s generations are willing to take the stairs, two at a time!

Julie Laulis

CEO, Cable One, Inc.

This book is the perfect antidote for the current generational angst about the millennials. Hagemann, Vetter, and Maketa bring a gender perspective to the concept of leadership. Through their research, they demonstrate that leadership can no longer be expressed through a “father knows best” approach – proper leadership entails an engrossing corporate vision that motivates employees, elevates their work, and encourages a bond with their organization. This is also what we need to keep bright young women from leaving corporate jobs in droves, especially in STEM areas. Timely and indispensable.

Saniye Gülser Corat

Director, Division for Gender Equality, Office of Director-General, United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), France

It’s not enough to run a profitable business anymore. If you want to have your company matter, attract top talent, and be a player, you are going to need to ensure your organization is purpose-driven. Leading With Vision will show you how.

Tara Uzra Dawood

President, LADIESFUND & Educate a Girl

Leading with Vision is spot on.  One of my clients, a corporate executive, is purely numbers-driven. He can often be found holed up in his office with his CFO, constantly crunching numbers, cutting budgets and demanding more performance from his beleaguered, overworked and disgruntled team.  Reading Leading with Vision is his first coaching assignment. The book makes a compelling statement about what really drives success.  It’s not about the numbers, but the people on the team.  I believe the real-life business examples and specific strategies will help anyone (numbers-driven, or otherwise) understand how one can positively impact an organization and its success by creating a shared vision and an emotional connection with their workforce.

Linda Liebold Schaible

President & CEO, Liebold & Associates, Inc.

The authors of Leading With Vision use their experience, research, and client case studies to explain why connecting on an emotional level is the key to engaging the workforce of the future. If you’re looking for ideas on how to do that, Leading With Vision will get you started.

Scott Eblin

Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker & Executive Coach

Creating a compelling vision that inspires people is not a simple task, yet it is a powerful tool that impacts long term company performance. Leading With Vision provides a blueprint to help leaders create, articulate and deliver a compelling vision that will endure.

Frances Hesselbein

CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune

Leading is not easy in the best of times – and especially not in our current business environment, rife as it is with uncertainty, volatility and complexity. Leading With Vision is a lighthouse in that storm, filled with wise counsel for leaders who seek to engage and inspire their people.

Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Coach and New York Times-bestselling author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

A refreshing, evidence-based exploration into the power of a compelling vision – an often-overlooked, but critical component of leading any organization.

Michael Traub

CEO, Serta Simmons Bedding

Leading With Vision captures the essence of the challenge for 21st century leaders: engaging employees is harder than ever! In a world filled with information overload, distractions at every turn and shorter attention spans, leaders have to find new ways to go beyond the numbers to connect with people, gain their commitment and tap into their full potential. Regardless of level or title, this book is an essential guide for leaders who are committed to creating a new mindset at work, empowering their people and driving positive impact in their organizations.

Randy Holloway

Director, Cloud + Enterprise Solutions, Microsoft

How do you get people to connect to a compelling vision and at the same time, give them jobs that matter?  Leading With Vision shows leaders how to attain full engagement from the next generation of workers who are seeking an emotional connection to the work they do. And it tells the stories of many leaders who have successfully done so.

Maureen McDonald

Former Vice President Global Talent Management, Dell

This book is a comprehensive guide for all leaders who want to improve their leadership capabilities toward becoming visionary leaders. It’s essential for being and staying successful in an ever faster changing business world.

Martin Knobloch

CEO, Northern Europe, BSH Home Appliances

Creating a vision can be a highly inspiring and creative process within the company. This book shows how to achieve great results by involving employees in a bottom-up process without defining or even knowing the outcome.

Stephan Haessig

Head High Net Worth Individual Clients, UBS

This book examines the challenges leaders face in engaging the Generation Y Millennials, which will be a majority of the workforce in 2025. Leading With Vision highlights and discusses the importance of creating an emotional connection with the new workforce to get their full commitment, passion, and performance.

Khaled El-Maleh, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Technology, Qualcomm

Reaching far beyond the recognition that today’s leader needs to become the promoter of a meaningful and purpose-led culture, this change handbook explains through a wealth of real-life examples exactly how that can be achieved. This book is relevant to all who are involved in knowledge work.

Dr. Laurence S. Lyons

Former Director of Research of the Future Work Forum at Henley Business School, co-author of "Creating Tomorrow's Organization", and founding editor of "Coaching for Leadership"

Leading With Vision can help you transform from being a leader who leads by numbers to one who truly leads by engaging employees with a clear, powerful, effective and inspiring vision, and then casting your employees as important players in that vision.

Joel Garfinkle

Author, “Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level”

This a great book – leading with vision is essential to enterprise agility, as part of translating agile strategy and agile execution into traction, avoiding wheel$pin.

Mike Richardson

Author, "Wheel$pin: The Agile Executive's Manifesto"

Our dynamic economic and geopolitical world requires leaders find, develop and maintain top talent. Leading With Vision covers the fourth and perhaps most important mandate – employee engagement.  It takes intentional leadership to attract and capture the hearts of motivated, best-in-class employees. Leading With Vision is a timely and engaging research-based playbook for doing just that. Whether transforming your business or readying it for a fast-paced future, Leading With Vision can make sure you create and cascade a vision that attracts and retains employees with the heart, passion and initiative. Make it your next read.

Robin Peppe Sterneck

Former GE Business Leader

A self-reflective, compassionate, authentic and purposeful leader can craft a powerful vision and communicate by storytelling, to help his/her team to visualize the vision and show them how to achieve it – it used to be a myth but Bonnie, John and Simon outlined it step by step by simple language and demonstrate with real examples to show how every leader can achieve it.

Betty Lau

Global Learning Director, Unilever

The trio of Hagemann, Vetter and Maketa sing a must-hear, must-heed song for leaders: Your vision may be 20/20, but you likely won’t inspire your team or lead your organization past the year 2020 unless you not only create a compelling vision but also emotionally engage others around it—capturing their hearts, inspiring them to “imagine the invisible” and to focus on creating this future together.

Ken Shelton

CEO, Executive Excellence LLC and editor/publisher of Leadership Excellence magazine 1984-2014

Using the very tools that it espouses in Leading With Vision such as compelling storytelling and clarity in communication, the authors of have written a practical guide that will assist leaders in any organization of any size to achieve success.

Ken Pasternak

Speaker, Coach, and Co-author of Performance at the Limit, Business Lessons from Formula 1® Motor Racing

CEOs agree that in this time of turbulent change, the need for exceptional leaders has never been greater.  Leading With Vision is an excellent guide for what is most needed; Leaders who are able to create a compelling vision that powerfully engages others.

James F. Bolt

Named “top expert” in Leadership Development by Financial Times, Former columnist, Fast Company, and co-founder of FRED Leadership

Leading With Vision nails the answer to engaging and retaining millennials. Through great stories, this fun to read book immerses the reader in using the four keys for inspiring and releasing talent.

Gifford Pinchot III

Founder of the Intrapreneuring movement

Whether you are a seasoned executive or a new manager, if you want to lead effectively today and into the future, Leading With Vision is an outstanding textbook. Based on a solid research, you will understand why the vision creation and connectedness are critical to succeed as a leader.

Terri Fujii

Senior Director, SHIELD APAC, Global Ambassador, Nestle Skin Health

Leading today’s workforce requires more than strategy and goals and financial success.  Today’s leaders have to be visionary and they must inspire the workforce to engage around the vision.  It is not easy connecting vision to strategy to execution of goals.  Leading With Vision is exactly what is needed for this environment.  This book gives us both the why and the how of creating a compelling vision.  It’s a must read for leaders!

Tom Edwards

VP and GM Air Systems, Johnson Controls

Endorsements for Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie is an expert in leadership of the very best kind—educated, insightful, experienced, strategic, and thoughtful. Her well-rounded balance of intellectual brilliance and intuitive good sense make her a go-to person for executives and leaders who want to be their best.”

Jim Kouzes

Author and Lecturer, The Leadership Challenge

I am happy to write a positive recommendation for Bonnie Hagemann. Bonnie is an authority in the field of executive education. I have been impressed with her knowledge of this topic!

Marshall Goldsmith

Author, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Bonnie has not only assisted me greatly with transition into the CEO role of our organization, but also with the various transitions within my senior executive team. Her leadership coaching enabled me to fully appreciate the importance of the leadership decisions we had to make and how we message and energize our team around the changes to the organization that lie ahead. Her coaching style is extremely personal, direct, honest, professional, and compassionate. She has been an incredible “thought partner” for me, always there to give me a lens that is helpful and useful. Today I consider Bonnie not only a friend, but also a truly trusted colleague, a member of my most inner circle, and absolutely the best strategic advisor that a CEO could have.

Todd Bastean

President & CEO, Bunge North America

We used Bonnie’s Visioning Program with our executives in the tough Nuclear Power industry. She was able to drive home the why and how for much needed bold and radical change in our risk adverse organization. Bonnie used anecdotes in a way that made it personal for our leaders, getting them invested in creating and communicating a compelling vision. Working with Bonnie was like collaborating with a brilliant friend. She challenged our approach and thinking with simple, easy to understand and actionable blueprints for change.

Kim Seymour

Leadership Development Programs Lead, Exelon Generation Talent Management & Organization Development

Endorsements for Simon Vetter

I am more than happy to recommend my friend and colleague, Simon Vetter. Simon is an expert at helping professionals get even better by achieving positive, lasting change. He is an excellent coach and teacher.

Marshall Goldsmith

Author, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Simon is an excellent listener, trusted advisor, and a real sparring partner for someone who wants to create change. Thanks to his excellent coaching, I’ve learned to invest more time on my priorities while being more efficient with my team and also more present with my family.

David Merzel

Manager, Microsoft

Simon turned a good leadership team into a great one. As CEO & President of a large commercial electrical contracting business, Simon assisted me and my entire leadership team for several years. During that time our revenues nearly doubled and our profit increased fourfold.

Clark Thompson

Former CEO, Neal Electric